Minutes of meeting on Thursday 2 June 2016 at 7pm

Present: Jackie Wake (JW), Rachel Lytollis (RL), Lizzie Booden (LB), Lisa McCarthy (LM), Sam Mitchell (SM), Karen Borthwick (KB), Helen MacGregor (HM), Michaela Muir (MM), Michael Lloyd (ML), Lisa Cockburn (LC) and Cath Darlington (CD)

Apologies: Mel McAllan, Emma Hughes, Neil Langhorn

1. Head Teacher Update

  • New Vision Statement
RL thanked everyone for all the feedback for the vision statement for the school which will now be: “A Curious, Creative Community
  • Breakfast Club
RL has met with Nicola Mowat to discuss the redistribution of funds for breakfast clubs so tha there is equity of funding across the authority. It costs about £6,500 to run. From August the club will also have to comply with the Council policy on food – cereals with less sugar, offer milk and water to drink and not fruit juice. RL asked for feedback about feasible donations, start times and to gauge usage. Many families use it for wrap around care before school. If there is sufficient funding it may be able to start earlier on the day. LC noted that if 2 children are using the club everyday then costs will soon mount up for families and may change usage. RL was relatively confident that the club would be feasible. Those families entitled to FSM (Free School Meals) cannot be asked for a donation. Nicola Mowat is also looking into sponsorship.
  • Electronic PLPs (Personal Learning Plans)
Staff are very positive about taking this on next session. They have received training from the company running the system. Parents’ information evening will run early in the next session. Staff have agreed to a minimum of 20 comments throughout the year. There will still be a pastoral general comment at the end of the year. There will be Literacy, Numeracy and Health and Well-being comments every term plus comments from 2 other curricula areas. Comments will be a mix of generic and personalised statements. Core areas will have individual comments. Staff will be given a deadline of the end of tem to complete the statements. They will be similar to the present termly reports but will be a live document. They can be printed off. RL hopes parents will be more engaged with their children’s learning. From feedback, parents value the consultations and prefer reporting more often. Electronic PLPs will start after the summer and will be evaluated after a year. The timing of Parents’ consultations was also discussed – October / November was favoured. LM asked if the May one could be brought earlier in the school year as it is quite late if there are concerns. RL would need to consider teacher workload so that time is allocated carefully. The learning log will continue but in electronic format, not in the jotter. Access to the internet will need to be noted. The Electronic PLP can be seen on a phone as there is an app. 
  • Class organisation
A large number of pupils are joining the school next year and one space needs to be kept in each class for new pupils joining through the year. Numbers are changing by the day. At the moment there will be 9 classes. There will be a decision by 13/6/16 for the class structure though things could change.
  • School Grounds/outdoor classrooms
Gus Egan from Earth Calling (http://www.earthcalling.org/) will come to a meeting in the next session (first or second RSV meeting) to discuss possibilities /opinions. Ring fenced money for this has to be spent by a certain date.
  • On-line lunch ordering
Clare Dixon is implementing the on-line system. Paper form will be used for first week back and on-line system will be e-mailed out. P4-7 can pay and order termly. Also offered to P1-3. JW asked if it would be possible to combine termly payment, with weekly food choices (for children who don’t always pick the same thing every 3 weeks) On-line deadline for submitting forms is midnight Tuesday. Payment can be by cash or cheque. Clare also asked if people would like to pay for excursions at the beginning of term. This was given a positive response but it could be a lot of money to find at one time.

2. Finance (ML)

  • 2 film nights raised £195.20 and £50.29
  • Money has been transferred from the old account
  • RSV has now paid for :
    • Choir T-shirts
    • Woodland Nursery furniture
    • P7 bus to camp
  • RSV will pay for P7 party
  • JW said that there were some recurring payments which RSV have traditionally paid for (bus transport to panto and P7 items) plus the school has asked the PTC for other items which the PTA have voted for and given. This has totalled to a sum of over £4 000.
  • ML recommended that the RSV should not commit funds if RSV does not have them.
  • PTA has previously contributed to a projector service. JW to get more information on this
  • PTA bought books for recorders – these are in P4 school bags. RL will put a request in the Friday Note for the return of the recorders and books for use next year.

3. Events/Fundraising

  • Vicky Wallace has agreed to be the lead again on the Christmas Fair
  • Wine tasting evening will go ahead next term
  • Family fun day, Friday afternoon, 9th September
  • Bag to School raised £148. May do this twice next year
  • Sports Day – RSV will do café for the first time tomorrow. Teas and coffees only plus free fruit from Tescos and Morrisons. 
  • Film Club - difficult to find dates
  • RSV is entitled to 16 hours of free use of school facilities for events e.g. school fair

4. Charity Status

LB has researched this and has pulled together a power point which shows the pros and cons of
following this route, including legal requirements. It was felt that the parent associations which
have become charities are much larger and there would be a benefit if the school was applying
for a large grant to fulfil a big project. RL will email to see if any schools of a similar size to Ratho
have changed to charities.

5. Next Meeting

  • Thursday 25th August at 7pm

6. Lottery Draw

  • May – No.3 Ewan McAllan wins £27.50
  • June - No.28 Debbie Smith wins £27.50
  • Lottery has raised over £100 for the school. An on-line payment may improve uptake.
  • Meeting closed at 8.55pm