March 2017


Minutes of meeting on Thursday 2nd March 2017 at 7pm 

Present: Rachel Lytollis, Gillian Brown, Nicola Littlejohn, Jackie Wake, Emma Hughes, Jen Adams, Sarah Parfery, Rachel Woods, Morag MacLachlan. 

Apologies: Michael Lloyd, Louise Lloyd, Lisa McCarthy, Neil Langhorn, Vicki Wallace, Sam Mitchel, Lizzie Booden, Claire Baker, Annette Wilson, Helen Morris, Gillian Fraser, Michaela Muir, Jennie Edmondson, Leanne Horsburgh, Jayne Smith, Karen Borthwick, Cécile Robertson, Catherine Shaw and Christina Enever 

1. Staffing update 

Mr Welander is taking 3 weeks of parental leave during the weeks beginning 17 April, 24 April & 22 May. Mr Clarke will cover all P4/5 teaching time & Miss Lytollis will be Mr Clarke’s mentor for the duration. Mrs Fleming & Miss Gordon will continue with Mr Welander's STEM plan. Mrs Hall returns to P1/2 on Tuesday 2nd May, covering Mondays and Tuesdays. Mrs Campbell remains Wednesday, Thursday and Friday on her current temporary contract. Mrs R has left (moved to Saudi). Miss Vergani has taken over her role. Mr Riley-Morrison starts in the next few weeks. They will be covering extra support needs across P3-6. 

2. DRAFT class structure for next session, 2017-18 

The school roll is currently around 220 (excluding nursery) and projected as 241 for next session. The proposed class structure below is not final and subject to change. Any concerns with the proposed structure, please contact Miss Lytollis. 

There will be 10 classes, broken down as follows: 
  • P1a - 22 kids (3 spaces) 
  • P1b - 21 kids (4 spaces) 
  • P2 - 23 kids (7 spaces) existing P1 
  • P2/3 - 23 kids (2 spaces) existing P1/2 - thought has been given to logistics of P2 finishing at an earlier time to P3 children. Families affected by composites to be contacted nearer the time by Miss Lytollis. 
  • P3 - 29 kids (1 space) existing P2 
  • P4a - 21 kids (12 spaces) previous P2a 
  • P4b - 21 kids (12 spaces) previous P2b 
  • P5 - 28 kids (5 spaces) 
  • P6 - 29 kids (4 spaces) 
  • P6/7 - 25 kids (full) includes 5 P6s. Families affected by composites to be contacted nearer the time by Miss Lytollis.

  • These figures do not include out of catchment kids (although do include the new Cala estate which hasn't yet been allocated to any catchment). 
  • Figures do include those who registered but a deferral is likely. 
  • Between deferrals and out of catchment kids, things tend to balance out. 
  • Not currently seeing the same rate of joiners (moving into the village), but this may change with next release of Cala. 
  • P1 - P2/3 are likely to be located in the new Canal View building. 
  • P3 - P6/7 are likely to be in the main building. 

3. NIF (National Improvement Framework) 

Key drivers have been communicated to kids and staff. Jen, Jackie & Sarah volunteered to assist Miss Lytollis with communication to parents. 

4. Pupil Equity Fund 

£15,600 has been made available to address the poverty related attainment gap. Thoughts on how this will be spent are to be discussed with staff first and then with parents at the next RSV meeting. 

5. School Dinners 

A new catering assistant started on Monday. We now have 3 catering assistants which has eased things. Food quality is better & there are less muddles with orders. 2 way communication has improved with feedback taken on board and improvements seen. Now offering all children seconds. Remaining issues linked to food travelling, so with regard to opening our kitchen… We are working with Hillwood & Kirkliston, who are also keen for us to open our kitchen. Heads will pull together figures to help make a joint case, then all parent councils can write letters to back it up. Note, our kitchen would need complete refurb but at least plumbing etc is all still in place. 

6. Playground 

The Council firmed up rules, but there is now a time consuming process in place which may take around a year. Miss Lytollis will start process with Nicola Mowat & Neil Langhorn. 

7. School website 

Miss Lytollis to meet with Brian Booden, a parent who has progressed the creation of the website. The website is to be prioritised and up before the summer holidays. 

8. SQIP (School Quality Improvement Plan) Update 

Findings are now to be summarised from each group and then the school will launch what they intend to do next session, after summer. 

9. School Uniform 

Tesco school uniform was suggested as an alternative supplier. Feedback from other schools is it holds colour better and wears better than what we have now. Not everything is available e.g. Reversible blazer & gym kit bags (just the bags unavailable). This may be a good thing though, with perhaps less gym kit mix-ups. Tesco charge for delivery, but offer free delivery on larger bulk orders and click and collect is in the pipeline. The Tesco uniform will cost less than the current uniform, count towards club card points and will donate a percentage of sales cost back to our school. Still being considered are colour and a suggestion that RSV fund P7 jumpers, which are presented at the end of P6. 

10. Mud - Can anything be done? 

Gillian Brown secured 400 trees from woodland trust to be planted selectively in the hope their roots will help soak up some of the water. Tree planting around the new building may help with the wet area that never dries out and underground streams. Miss Lytollis to look into matting under trim trail as this was meant to have been addressed. On the positive side, there are less skinned knees and accidents are down. The school recommend bringing wellies and waterproof trousers on wet days and ask that we also check with our children if they have indoor shoes at school. 
Actions: Rachel L to investigate matting under trim trail. 

11. New wildlife club 

Children are likely to eat packed lunch outside after school on a Friday and be supervised by Earth Calling staff before the club starts. 

12. Outside supervision, before school 

Clarification of rules...Parents of children at breakfast club have signed a disclaimer to say their children are allowed out to play with no supervision. Some children, not at breakfast club, were getting dropped off 45mins or more before school starts. The note home asked that this be discontinued. Children arriving a reasonable time e.g. 10 mins before school starts may play unsupervised in the school grounds at parents’ discretion. 

13. P7 leavers event 

Miss Lytollis would like this to be more of a school led event. Claire Dixon has also offered her support. RSV happy to offer financial support based on a similar budget to last year (£410).
Actions: Mel to contact Miss Tumblety to look at options. 

14. Fundraising 
Trolls cinema night raised £126 and photography £200. Feedback for both has been generally favourable. We will look to continue both events. Farmers market (organised by school) is set for 17 March. P6 is running the cafe this year. Miss Gordon has asked for P6 parent helpers. 

15. Spending RSV funds 
Miss Lytollis & Nicola Mowatt are to meet and look at how they would like to draw down the available £7k of RSV funds, as priorities have changed since the start of the year. This will be communicated out to RSV membership for approval.