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Homework Survey results

Ratho Primary School Parent Council Homework Questionnaire

We were very pleased that almost everyone willingly completed the survey – we have a total of 69 returned papers giving responses for 93 pupils.

Shown here in blue are the percentage figures for the responses for each of the questions asked.

Homework frequency and volume

1. My child is given too much 24% / not enough 20%/ the right amount 56%of homework.

2. How long on average does your child spend doing homework each week?

Less than 1 hour 25%/ 1 to 2 hours 44%/ more than 2 hours21%.

3. How much time do you think your child should be expected to spend doing homework each week? Less than 1 hour 28%/ 1 to 2 hours 50%/ more than 2 hours 22%.

4. My child should be expected to do homework daily 41%/ twice a week 38%/ weekly 19%/ never 2%.

5. Homework should be given out for the week in advance.Y 86%/ N 14%

6. Homework should be set over weekends. Y 15%/ N 85%

Homework content and support

7. Teacher – parent communication of homework instructions is adequate 69%/ inadequate 31%.

8. My child's homework is too difficult 8%/ ok 82%/ too easy 10%?

9. I help my child with their homework a lot 51%/ a little 42%/ not at all 7%.

10. Homework should be a continuation of current class topics. Y 92%/ N 8%

Use of GLOW

11. Have you heard about GLOW? Y 78%/ N 22%

12. Does your child have access to the GLOW website out of school? Y 78%/ N 22%

13.Would it be helpful if homework and guidelines from the class teachers were available on the GLOW website? Y 81%/ N 19%