15th January 2013

DRAFT Minutes



Minutes of joint meeting on Tuesday 15th January 2013 at 7.30pm & PC Meeting following

Present: *Melanie McCallum (“MM”), *Ruth Gillan (Interim PC Chair) (“RG”), Helen MacGregor (PTA Chair), *Neil Langhorn (PC member) (“NL”), Mrs Smith, *Annette Wilson (PC Treasurer) (“AW”), Rachel Tulloch, Morag Dalton, Jackie Wake, *Mrs McGlynn (“CM”), Brenda Binnie, *Chris Cartwright (“CC”), & *Christine Paterson (PC Secretary) (“CP”).

Apologies: Bobby Smith, Sarah Hall, Emer Grimley, Michaela Muir, Lisa McCarthy, Councillors.

Note: those asterisked attended the separate PC meeting which followed the joint meeting.

Joint meeting

CM reported on various school matters:

  • The fire alarm system has been upgraded. The roof of the community centre is to be worked on.

  • Staffing: Mrs Nicolson is teaching P2. Mr Letham is covering Science, PE & Support for Learning. Interviews for the Nursery teacher are taking place on 16 January. Mr Samson will cover that post meantime (except Thursdays). The Principal Teacher job is being advertised.

  • CM is organising next year’s P7 camp. She is working on a payment plan for that.

  • Parent Night on Sexual Health & Relationships: Monday 28 January.

  • The school received a grant of £350 from the Forestry Commission. Gus the janitor has built planters and trellis for the infant playground. Mrs Hall is getting in touch with the Garden Group for their help in filling these. The work will be done along with the children. Nicola Mowat is arranging for some free compost to be delivered.

  • The Community Health Group will meet on 1 February in the GP room.

  • Ideas are being sought for the school’s 30 year anniversary celebrations.

PTA report (HM):

  • The family ceilidh is coming up: 1 February.

  • Other upcoming events: Spring Fair.

  • The PTA will also be talking about the P7 Leavers’ event.

PC report:

  • Communication sub-group: the planned newsletter to parents/carers did not actually go out pre-Xmas due to difficulties in colour printing. Much was learnt for the next time though! There was discussion about the fact it would be much easier to send out an email link to an online document – which would require us to have a database of email addresses.

CM advised that she wants to do an audit of Communications generally and plans to collect email addresses from parents/carers so she can send a link to the Friday note. Of course we must always remember that not all parents/carers have internet access.

PC meeting

Present: those asterisked above.

1. New Headteacher

Welcome to Mrs McGlynn. She explained that she sees parents as an untapped resource and wants to make more use of us!

There was general discussion around the role of the PC going forward. What do we want our school to be like in say 5 years’ time? Could a joint vision between school & PC be developed?

It was suggested that CM could advise the PC of where she wants input eg a current hot topic. CM is happy for us to feed into the school Improvement Plan.

Going forward the PC has lots to think about, including its relationship with the PTA.

The PC also needs to think about adjusting the numbers provided for in its constitution.

2. Village Christmas Tree

We had a debrief on this. The overall feeling was that it was very worthwhile, especially in creating links with those in the wider community who came along on the night, and we can build on what was done in 2012 for Christmas this year.

3. Comms sub-group

They plan to meet next week.

4. Road Safety in Ratho

Various issues were discussed. AW said she would co-ordinate putting together a sub-group, to involve eg Bobby & Jayne Smith, PC people, Over 50s group, RDCC, Ratho Environment Group, the police, the wider community etc.

5. Orchard update

NL is organising a pruning session, before mid to late March.

6. New PC Chair

NL agreed to take this on with immediate effect and was widely congratulated/thanked! RG was thanked for all her hard work in the role. RG is to email Wendy Gray.

NL should be a signatory on the PC bank account.

7. Next meeting

Tuesday 5 February 2013 at 7.30pm.