27th April 2009

Minutes of Ratho Primary Parent Council AGM

Monday 27th April 2009 


Attendees: Mike Humphries, Graham Muir, Annette Wilson, Kim Craven, Angie Muir, Mrs Walshe (HT), Miss Dignan, Mrs Pettit, Pat Robertson, Pamela Souter, Catriona Black, Viv Bowden.


Plus: Shona Johnson, Sandy Johnson, Lisa White, Christine Paterson


Apologies: Gillian Brown, Euan Maxwell


1. Curriculum for Excellence Presentation


Mrs Walshe gave a presentation on the Curriculum for Excellence which is the new Framework for Learning and Teaching started in 2002.  This replaces the current 5-14 curriculum.  It encourages 4 principles:          Successful Learners

                                                                   Confident Individuals

                                                                   Responsible Citizens      

                                                                   Effective Contributors

As part of this the children will no longer go through their current “levels” but will rather move from stages named early up to senior.


Children from P6 (Cameron, Michael and Fraser) gave an excellent demonstration of their story telling skills.  They told us all about the process of making up stories from themed story boxes in each classroom which contain different pieces of information.  The children have worked in different groups to do this and report that it has had many positive outcomes, including increasing their confidence and their story writing skills.  Ratho Primary School are to be featured in a training DVD for story telling which will be rolled out across other schools - well done all! 


Josh, Lev and Joseph then told us about their roles as Wildlife Rangers.  They have been involved in helping make the playground more appealing for wildlife and have learned about conservation and wildlife.  Bat boxes and bird boxes were put out by children.  Bird food has been made and trees planted - to increase the range of species of trees to help to attract as much wildlife as possible.  The children have been working with Gus - our wildlife expert.  He has been teaching them to look after wildlife - to help them to become responsible adults who respect the world.  This term the wildlife rangers will have an open day at school.  Other children will get their chance to be wildlife rangers next year - budgets permitting.




Ratho Action Group (Previously the Health Committee and Junior Road Safety groups).  Ben Johnson told us:

- after launching the group they chose a logo and invited staff and parents to join the committee - now numbering about 10 people.

- The school will receive some equipment from the collection of the Morrisons “Let’s Grow” voucher collect.

- the group has set up a recycling point in the community centre for batteries.

- have introduced light monitors in classrooms.

- have told a recycling story in assembly and held a recycling quiz.

- have produced a healthy recipe book.

- have introduced the Green Pencil Award.

- Healthy Tuck Shop - this is ongoing.

- Ratho Spring Clean - litter pick round the playground has now taken place.

- They will carry out an Environmental Review and then form an action plan for the future.


Creating Confidence - as you will know Ratho is a pilot school for this project.  This has included training for staff and activities for Children.  Mrs Walshe is now looking for parents to become involved.  The first meeting for this will be at 7pm on Thursday 14th May.  Please come if you are interested.


Annette thanked Mrs Walshe and the children present for their very informative and interesting presentation.


2. AGM


The committee members for the following year will be as follows:


Chair - Annette Wilson

Vice Chair - Mike Humphries

Treasurer - Angie Muir

Secretary - Catriona Black

(all nominated and seconded by Mrs Walshe and Mrs Pettit.)


Pamela Souter is now standing down from the committee - thanks to her for all her involvement to date, and Christine Paterson has become a new member - thanks to Christine for her interest.  If anyone else wishes to stand down or join the committee at this point please contact Annette.





Other matters:

- Parent Handbook - we should look at putting something into the handbook received by all P1 parents next year. 

- P1 parents meeting - someone to attend this to encourage involvement in Parent Council.

- Annette also to put out a reminder to all parents that we are keen for new members.

- Next meeting in September - unless we need to meet before then about the school roof.


3. PTA Update (Kim Craven)


- Established 2002

- First Tuesday of every month

- Fundraise          - through events

                    - sponsored events

                    - 50/50 club

                    - Calendars and recipe books

- Money spent on           - P7 trip coaches

                             - P7 party and gifts

                             - sports equipment

                             - gifts for Christmas parties

                             - Christmas Panto

                             - authors for book week

                             - money to school garden

                             - smart board

- £4000 raised and spent last year.

- PTA are always pleased to have new ideas for fundraising and volunteers to help. Contact Kim Craven or speak to any members of the PTA.


Mrs Walshe thanked the PTA for all they do for the school.


4. Garden Update

At the last meeting there were lots of negative views put forward about the proposed school garden, but mostly to do with the huge financial cost involved.  Since then Shona has held a meeting with Gus and those parents who expressed interest in moving things forward.  The group will pull together the good things out of the original design and the children’s ideas into a more basic and achievable design.  (Shona to keep a log of meetings etc for Mrs Pettit to provide evidence for eco-school).





5. Treasurer

Balance of funds           £5000 for garden

                             £ 285 from Council for 2007/8

And due another    £ 285 for 2008/9


This figure of £285 is for admin costs and could instead be donated.


6.      AOCB

- The Website is still under construction.

- Annette asked everyone what their feelings were about the Parent Council so far:

          Achievements - pressure on council about the roof

                             - progressing the school garden

                             - Councillors attending meetings

                             - greater parental awareness of what’s going on in school



Date of next meeting - Monday 7th September at 7pm in school.