26th April 2010

Ratho Primary School Parent Council


26th April 2010

The AGM was preceded by presentations from some of the school children about:

  • P1 Feelings Faces
  • The buddy system
  • Pupil Council
  • P4/5 TV show

Well done and thank you to all the children who took part.

Minutes from AGM proper

Present: Mike Humphries, Christine Paterson, Mrs Pettit, Bobby Smith, Miss Penrose, Angie Muir, Graham Muir, Jean McGuire, Shona Johnson, Miss Dignan, Annette Wilson, Catriona Black (minutes)

1.Treasurer’s Report (Angie Muir)

Angie circulated the year’s Summary of Accounts for 2009/10. Income: £7,607.35 Expenditure: £5,229.64 Balance at year end: £2,377.28 (of which the money belonging to the school garden is £2,036.71)

Following discussion about what the Parent Council would like to do with the surplus it was decided that it could be used to help with the erection of the school’s green flag and green flag celebration day.

Angie is now standing down as treasurer and has handed over all documentation etc. Thanks to Angie for being Treasurer for so long.

2.Election of Committee Members

Chair: Annette Wilson (proposed by Mike Humphries and seconded by Christine Paterson)

Vice Chair: Vacant Post

Treasurer: Mike Humphries (proposed Graham Muir and seconded by Catriona Black)

Secretary: Christine Paterson (proposed by Annette Wilson and seconded by Shona Johnson)

The Constitution will now be changed to mean that there are 2 years of office for the Chair. Vice Chair will shadow for 2 years and then either they or another office bearer can become Chair. Annette to check constitution to see if Parent Forum need to be consulted on this change.

Position of Vice Chair is now vacant. Annette to speak to members not in attendance.


  • Mike asked about a writing competition recently given out in school. The chosen work from the children who entered is being published in a book which then costs over £15 and it was felt that parents should be informed in advance of the implications from entering such a competition. Mrs Pettit suggested that the P6 parents involved discuss whether they club together to buy these at a discounted rate of whether they’d like the school to buy one for the school library.

  • Graham asked about Curriculum for Excellence due to recent media coverage. Asked if P7 parents would be receiving more information. Mrs Pettit said that any more information would come from Balerno High School.

  • Shona then gave an excellent presentation of photos from the garden project.

NEXT MEETING: Monday 6th September at 7pm

16 Sept 2010, 14:23