4th December 2012

DRAFT Minutes



Minutes of joint meeting on Tuesday 4th December 2012 at 7.30pm & PC Meeting following

Present: *Melanie McCallum (“MM”), Jackie Wake, Jenni Belfall, *Lisa McCarthy (“LM”), *Ruth Gillan (Interim PC Chair) (“RG”), Helen MacGregor (PTA Chair), *Neil Langhorn (PC member) (“NL”), Mrs Smith, *Annette Wilson (PC Treasurer) (“AW”), *Ms Penrose (“DP”), *Mrs McGlynn, *Chris Cartwright (“CC”), Sarah Chisnall, *Emer Grimley (“EG”), & *Christine Paterson (PC Secretary) (“CP”).

Apologies: Bobby Smith, Sarah Hall, Councillors.

Note: those asterisked attended the separate PC meeting which followed the joint meeting.

Joint meeting

DP reported on various school matters:

  • Various smartboards need replaced.

  • Winter weather arrangements: the school will only be closed if absolutely necessary. Check school website, Council website and Radio Forth for information. Teachers have prepared winter weather packs which can be posted on the website.

Mrs McGlynn reported on her plan to set up a focus group to plan events for the school’s 30 year anniversary in 2013. She is looking for parent volunteers to get involved.

Mrs Smith reported on her responsibilities as regards the Heath & Wellbeing curriculum. Again she is looking for parents to get involved in projects.

Anyone wishing to join in should contact the appropriate teacher.

RG reported on the PC agenda:

  • Communication sub-group report

  • Road safety

  • Xmas decorations

  • Departure of DP

As regards communication NL reported on the 2 main areas of focus: (1) a regular newsletter and (2) longer term, an overhaul of the PC website.

On road safety, it was reported that Mike Crockart has asked the Council for the survey figures on road use in Ratho and will copy those to RG.

EG updated everyone on her work to provide a Christmas tree for Ratho. Both RDCC and Scotmid are providing funding.

On Headteacher recruitment, Helen, Bobby & Chris all did the Council recruitment training. Long leet interviews are next Tuesday 11 December with short leet interviews on 18 December at the City Chambers. The agreed questions were mentioned (with CM out of the room).

PTA report (HM):

At the Christmas fair they made over £1,100 – a great result.

Upcoming events: Bags2School by 17 January 2013.

Family ceilidh: 1 February 2013.

PC meeting

Present: those asterisked above.

1. Village Christmas Tree

EG explained what she is doing to organise the purchase of a tree and that she is liaising with the Bridge Inn on location, electricity etc. A date for an official opening was discussed. CC is going to purchase the tree lights. EG will raise the question of insurance with the Bridge Inn.

2. Road Safety in Ratho

This had been discussed at the joint meeting earlier. DP noted that the school had been complaining about the situation (of only having one crossing patrol person) for about a year.

3. Orchard update

NL explained that there are 2 upcoming tasks:

  1. Pruning the trees. A person from Ratho Environment Group with pruning experience has offered to help. NL also wants to get the children involved.

  2. An orchard sign. CM has had the children draw designs and a winner needs to be chosen.

4. P2 class teacher

NL reiterated a plea for better communication from the school with parents.

DP explained the difficulties which exist in finding supply teachers and which apply across Scotland.

Come January the situation will be in the hands of the Council.

  1. 5. Communication

CC has prepared a mock-up of a newsletter to parents and sought feedback.

  1. 6. AOB

It was agreed that CC hold join the PC.

7. Next meeting

Tuesday 15 January 2013 at 7.30pm.