April 2014 (AGM)




Minutes of meeting (AGM) on Thursday 24th April 2014 at 7pm

Present: Neil Langhorn (“NL”), Mrs McGlynn (“CM”), Annette Wilson (“AW”), Chris Cartwright (“CC”), Helen MacGregor (“HM”), Lisa McCarthy (“LM”), Shona Johnson (“SJ”), Councillor Ricky Henderson (“RH”), Mrs Humphries, Andrea Ramsey, Jackie Wake & Christine Paterson (“CP”).

Apologies: Councillor Bill Henderson & Dominic Heslop, Ruth Gillan, Melanie McAllan.

1. Chairperson’s report (NL)

NL produced a written report.

Highlights he picked out from the past year were:

  • Book Week, especially the help from AW and SJ to make such a success of that.

  • Bike shelter: the funding efforts for a very useful shelter.

  • Successful objection to the Council budget proposal to reduce the amount of funding provided to small schools for management time.

2. Treasurer’s report (AW)

There are two sets of money: general and the garden fund. The latter is gradually being spent; the former gets topped up with an annual Council grant, which the PC in turn generally donates to the school after our small expenses are met. The next Council grant of around £500 will be received in June 2014.

We have provided money to the school recently for the purchase of recorder books.

3. Garden Group (SJ)

The Group meets every Tuesday from Easter to October from 6.30pm to 8pm in the garden. The garden is looking great! The focus recently has simply been on maintenance, although new initiatives are still happening eg a new pond for tadpoles.

SJ advised that when publicising the Group in the Friday note, she will emphasise that each child must come along with a parent; Garden Group is not a free crèche facility!

At the PTA Spring Fair this year, there will be free activities held in the garden.

Just on communication, CM asked that the school be kept informed on what is happening in the garden. SJ has now started a weekly email to Anna Hazel to cover this.

4. PTA report (HM)

The PTA currently meets in Sarah Chisnall’s house (the Chair). They are happy to still meet once a term with the PC. Their next event is the Spring Fair on Saturday 10 May, from 2pm to 4pm.

  1. 5. Head teacher report (CM)

CM thanked all parents for their support throughout the year. She also mentioned:

  • The gym hall floor has been resurfaced. CM was able to characterise this as a Health & Safety issue, so the Council paid.

  • Rising roll: CM has reported in the Friday note on the meeting with the Asset Planning Manager. If the proposal gets the go-ahead, it is likely to mean that a two storey standalone building containing four classrooms will be built in the school grounds. Building on top of the school will not happen as it is a very expensive option. The next Committee meeting is on 20 May; the final decision on proceeding will be taken in January 2015, on the basis of the roll for August 2015. CM noted that the nursery is currently full; some three year olds have been turned away. The working group next meets on 18 June. It was mentioned from parents that perhaps there could be joined up thinking from the Council eg as regards the new doctor’s surgery also needing to be built in Ratho. CM is keen to have an open meeting for the school on the proposals at some point; it was agreed this is probably better held next session when more information on the proposals will be available. It was noted that there are other longer term issues eg security arrangements if schoolchildren use the community centre hall.

  • The Commonwealth Games focus will be from 20 to 30 May. Lots of sports and learning about the Commonwealth are planned.

  • School reports: to be sent home Friday 2 May.

6. Election of office bearers

All three current office bearers indicated that they are happy to carry on & this was agreed ie Neil Langhorn, Chair, Annette Wilson, Treasurer and Christine Paterson, Secretary.

However it was noted that there is a succession issue as we will not want to go on forever and indeed CP’s daughter will leave the school at the end of the next session. It was suggested that each office bearer should write a paragraph on what their job involves, so that others who might be prepared to take on the role can understand what it involves? It was also noted that changing the signatories on the bank account takes a while.

7. AOB

  • Councillor Ricky Henderson reported that following the consultation on the proposed TRO for Main Street, the proposals are likely to be amended: the pavement size will not be reduced, instead of double yellow lines along the section from the junction with Ratho Park Road to School Wynd, there will just be a length of single yellow line outside the bowling club to allow a passing place for the bus. The raised bed will still happen. Everyone seemed pleased with this proposed change. The proposal still has to go back to the Transport Committee for final approval. RH will circulate details.

8. Date of next meeting

Tuesday 3rd June at 7.30pm (joint meeting with the PTA).