April 2016


Minutes of AGM meeting on Tuesday 26 April 2016 at 7pm 

Present: Rachel Lytollis, Neil Rae, Neil Langhorn, Annette Wilson, Michael Lloyd, Jackie Wake, Emma Hughes, Vicki Wallace, Michaela Muir, Sam Mitchel and Karen Borthwick 

Apologies: Lisa McCarthy, Christina Enever, Louise Lloyd, Donna Dack, Lizzie Booden, Claire Baker, Melanie McAllan, Gillian Fraser, Sam Mitchell, Stacey O’flaherty, Kirsty Mann, Jen Rogers, Helen Morris, Michel Gebre, Leanne Horsburgh, Debby Smith, Ruth Gillan, Jayne Smith and Morag MacLachlan 

1. Active School Co-ordinator update 

Lyndsey Campbell, our new Active Schools Co-ordinator (who has taken over from Tom) introduced herself and gave an update on how the new clubs are going. Numbers looking very good across all classes and she will try to sustain this. The new online booking system worked well for some, but a there are still a few glitches to be ironed out and some work to do to improve it further. There may be an opportunity for Lynsey to meet with RAG. 

2. Chairman’s report 

Neil delivered his final Chairman’s report for 2015-2016. See separate attachment for full details. 

3. Treasurer’s report 

Annette delivered her final Treasurer’s report for 2015-2016. See separate attachment for full details. 
  • Garden slush fund no longer separate. If Garden needs money its same process as anything else. Goes before committee for consideration. 
  • Report accepted. 

4. RSV Constitution 

Neil circulated the revised Ratho School Voice (RSV) Constitution which was accepted as final (also attached). 
  • Jackie, Emma & Mel to work with Claire D to get new constitution and anything else required onto new school website. 
  • Neil to draft up summary for Friday note.

5. Appointment of post-holders 

All current post-holders stood down and new post holders were duly elected as follows:
  • Michael Lloyd was appointed Treasurer
  • Jackie Wake was appointed Chair 
  • Emma Hughes & Lizzie Booden were appointed Joint Deputy Chairs 
  • No-one present was in a position to take on Joint Secretary post. Vicki Wallace offered the possibility of taking a turn, if present, but not able to make every meeting. Lisa McCarthy also offered to continue minute taking, if someone else was able to take on the communications side of the role. 
Actions: Jackie to communicate out to a wider body to see if anyone can take on joint Secretary posts. Agreed: Class Reps will stand down and new candidates sought at the beginning of each school year. 

6. Head Teacher’s update 

Rachel delivered the Head Teacher’s update as follows: 
  • P1 - Mrs Campbell now in place 
  • P4 - Miss Komvoki is now part time & Mrs Fleming is back part-time 
  • P5 - Miss Tumblety is now assigned to Ratho on a full time permanent basis 
  • As things currently stand, the composite class planned for next year, will be known as the ‘Primary 3/2 class’ 
  • It will be mid to late May (approx.) till we know how next year’s classes will be structured. 
Answering a question from P4, Rachel advised that although P4 is currently large, a composite would only be created, if it went over 33. 

Breakfast club: There will be huge changes in the way breakfast clubs are funded in the council. They have been Council funded since they started. Now there is no funding. Now if school wants to run one, it has to be by donation or charitable contribution. B’fast clubs cost around £6.5K; most costs come from staffing. Therefore there may be set donations for breakfast club going forward. Rachel indicated she would ask Nicola to look into this. Other cost areas may also be looked into e.g. water offered rather than juice. Monthly direct payments can be looked into. Recently the possibility of starting breakfast club from 8am came up. This is something that could be looked into going forward, but it’s a service that parents would have to pay for. 

Other points: 
  • Grounds development - Neil secured £1,000 from the CSGN Community Projects Fund to help with the costs of preparing designs for improvements to the grounds/playground and for the purchase of materials to deliver these in due course. Neil will take forward with Mr Welander and Earth Calling the next steps in preparing designs.
  • Uniform quality issues are not forgotten; Nicola is investigating other suppliers.
  • Rachel outlined the new vision. Not as a final say, but just to get opinions. 
  • There is a competition to name the new building. Ratho newt was suggested by Vicki. 

7. Film club 

Friday night proved more popular and we collectively raised £190 from donations, glitter tattoos, tuck shop and raffle on the night. 

8. Upcoming events 

Upcoming events such as Bag2School 10 May, Sports day café, 3 Jun, Film night 3 Jun, Wine Tasting 27 May, Family party at the end of June were discussed briefly. 
Action: Jackie to follow up with folks offline. 

9. School Lottery (3rd draw) 

No further take up. Vicki advised it would be easier to offer online payments to parents. Winning ticket this month is no. 33, in name of Lynsey Gardner, mum of Adam Robertson, in P3; (witnessed by Emma Hughes). 
Action: Jackie to look into online payment for start of next year’s draws. 

10. Charitable status 

Lizzie plans to attend information session and report back at next meeting. 

11. Next Meeting 

Next meeting provisionally set for 7pm, either Tuesday May 31st or Thurs 2 Jun in the community centre. 
Action: Jackie to find out which date suits folks best and book.