April 2017



Minutes of meeting on Thursday 27th April 2017 at 7pm 

Present: Sam Mitchell, Sarah Parfery, Janice McIntosh, Lisa Campbell-Reed, Cath Shaw, Jen Adams, Michael Lloyd, Jackie Wake, Claire Dixon, Rachel Lytollis, Mrs Campbell, Lisa McCarthy, Neil Langhorn, Brian Booden, Morag MacLachlan, Annette Wilson 

Apologies: Karen Borthwick, Cecile Robertson, Elizabeth Booden 

1. Financial Update 

Michael gave a summary of available funds, highlighting payments still to be made. It was agreed a reserve of approx. £1000 would be kept, rather than emptying the RSV account completely. Discussion followed on the list of priorities as identified by the school: 
  1. iPads to be topped up to give 1 to 1 ratio for all of P7 and P6 
  2. secure container for the bikes 
  3. sweat shirts for the new P7s 
It was agreed that RSV would fund 13 new iPad minis and sweat shirts which P6 will receive in an assembly before the end of the school year. 

Annette noted that in previous years, RSV funded calculators for P7 as a leaving gift. This will be looked at again next meeting, as there is a little more income this term. 

2. Pupil Equity Fund (PEF) 

Rachel attended a conference which gave information on what the PEF can be spent on. PEF is approx. £15600 per year for the next 3 years. Money received is dependent on the number of free school meals received by pupils in the school, although the PEF is guaranteed, the amount could change. Staff are still looking at strategies on how the money will be used. 

3. School Website 

Brian has set up the new website structure. The website name has been bought and the theme set up, which he showed to those present. The new website works on all technology platforms. As long as content is kept to a reasonable level, he will be endeavour to support the website but a member of staff will need to keep it updated. The plan is for teachers to use it for communications but it’s unclear what that will look like yet. RSV content will be included here also. 

4. Uniform 

Suppliers are being checked for price and quality. Those present agreed it would be good to change the colour of sweatshirt from August 2017 as follows: 
  • P1-6 to be red 
  • P7 to be black 
No need for logo on polo shirt. 

5. Headteacher update 

SQIP meeting on Thursday 5th May 
Rachel has invited parents to attend the planning meeting so they can be involved in the improvement planning for next session. Mrs Dixon has volunteered to look after children so that parents may attend. 

  • Mrs Hall will be back next week. She will work on a Monday and Tuesday and share the class with Mrs Campbell who will do Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. 
  • Miss Forrest and Mrs Brown have been awarded permanent contracts. 
  • Draft class structure will stay the same as stated at the last meeting though there may be some changes in pupils which could result in a P6 and a P7 rather than a P6 and a P6/7. 
  • There are 227 pupils at the moment. 
  • There will be a new probationer teacher in August. 
  • There could be 9 or 10 classes. Classes could change up to September weekend when numbers have to be finalised with the council. 

School Dinners 
Today’s pizza was awful. There has been no progress with trying to get the school kitchen opened. 

Process for improving this has started. 

Children have really enjoyed the forest school. Mrs Nicolson and Rebecca have received training on this. There will be an increase in the number of hours of free childcare provision which will need to be investigated. Sarah asked if the community centre can be used by the school. The school can use it unless there is a group booked in to use it. PE lessons are taken outside as much as possible. The lunch tables in the school gym cannot be stored anywhere else. The daily mile is teacher dependent. After school club also takes place in the community centre. 

6. AGM 

Thursday 25th May 

7. AOB 

Raffle tickets and armbands will be sold through school. Ana is welcome to come along to an assembly to show the children the new Gala banner they helped design. 

To be put on the agenda for the next meeting. There is an online survey which needs to be completed by 4th May. 

Tree Planting 
Annette is organising the café for the volunteers who are helping with the tree planting on Friday.