January 2015


Minutes of meeting on Monday 19 January 2015 at 7pm 

Present: Neil Langhorn (“NL”), Anna Hazel (“AH”), Lisa McCarthy, Jackie Wake, Mrs Hall, Councillor Bill Henderson (“BH”), Kay Somerville, Melanie McAllan & Christine Paterson (“CP”).
Apologies: Mrs McGlynn (“CM”), Councillors Ricky Henderson & Dominic Heslop, Annette Wilson, Helen MacGregor, Ruth Gillan & Chris Cartwright

1. Village Christmas Tree

BH explained that the Council has now agreed to put in a power supply (an 8m aluminium column with an outside socket) to provide power for lights on the trees outside the village shop.  This will be in place for Christmas 2015.  The issue now is arranging the actual lights to dress the trees.  BH confirmed that these should be 24V lights; they do not need to be bought from the Council and anyone can do the work to install them.  A figure of £1,500 per tree for the Council to do the work was mentioned previously but this seems very expensive.  It is the three older trees outside the shop that are to be used. 

BH suggested that we contact Alistair McKillop, the Chair of Currie Community Council, as he has just been through this process of arranging to install lights on existing trees in Currie and he could help to explain the logistics to us.  BH said that Currie CC used the Council supplier for the lights and arranged to install them themselves.  
As regards sources of funding for the lights: the airport have recently made a grant available to the school so another application may not be possible so soon (although the PC is different to the school itself?).  Other possibilities mentioned were Scotmid, Cala, HBoS & Tesco.

It was noted that in Ratho, RDCC do not want to lead on this and our problem remains getting someone to take on the organisation of it.
Insurance for the trees/lights was mentioned.  BH doesn’t think this is a problem but said he would double-check the position. 

2. Craigpark Playpark Redevelopment

There are to be meetings about this project this week.  A hard copy questionnaire is available for people to complete in order to provide their views.  The redevelopment may involve more than just a swing park, e.g. a raised area for use by the Royal Party on Gala Day has been suggested.

3.  PC Chair Update

There is a meeting of the SW Neighbourhood Partnership on Wednesday 4 February at Currie High School at 6.30pm.  Mrs McGlynn will be going but NL cannot attend.  Would anyone else like to attend?
The PC’s financial position: we have a credit balance of £124.68 to last us until the summer.  The garden account has a credit balance of £319.02.
On succession planning: NL asked that job descriptions for the PC office bearers be circulated around the PC members.

4. Principal Teacher’s Update

The RSHP (Relationships & Sexual Health Programme) begins next week.  A parent/carer information evening was held on 14 January; this was not very well attended.  A parent/carer information leaflet is going out in school bags this week. 
The Reporting Working Group met for the second time on 19 January.  An audit will go out to parents/carers shortly: this takes the form of a questionnaire on SurveyMonkey. The group is looking at lots of different options eg possibly providing a written report 4 times per year instead of just once; this would mean producing a shorter report on each occasion (perhaps each time on maths and literacy plus 2 other curricular areas per report).  There will still be the opportunity for parents/carers to meet twice per year with the class teacher.  Some wondered if this new reporting regime might be quite burdensome on the teachers?  The proposals are for the next school session – the current regime will apply until the summer at least.
School extension: it was confirmed that this will be proceeding.  The Council has approved it and planning permission has been granted.  The groundworks will probably start in February.
P1 intake next year: no information yet.
RME curriculum & RO: the teachers have created a leaflet about the RME curriculum which will go out in school bags next week.  Work is being done on the RO programme.
Positive Behaviour Policy: CM is fine-tuning this and then will send it to NL for circulation to the PC. 
Enhanced Transition: Karen Prophet has been off so the promised letter to parents has never materialised.  AH hopes for a response soon.
Staffing: The school is looking to replace 2 pupil support assistants who have left & also to recruit for Mrs Clelland’s job.  The office tasks are being covered within the school at the moment.

5. AOB

Gifts/recognition when members of staff leave the school: it was suggested that parents should be given the opportunity to contribute to a card or gift when a member of staff leaves the school.  At the moment parents may be unaware and so this does not always happen.  It was agreed that a) the fact that someone was leaving would be notified to the PC (potentially either Chairman or Secretary) and that we would then liaise with the PTA over whether the parent body should do something and, if applicable, then take responsibility for letting parents know informally and/or collecting contributions; but also b) that the wishes of members of staff would be respected as far as possible – i.e. we would take this into account in deciding whether to get them something.
PTA Ceilidh: this will be on Saturday 7 February from 6.30pm to 9.30pm. 

6. Date of next meeting

Tuesday 3 March 2015 - 7pm (joint with PTA).