January 2017


Minutes of meeting on Thursday 19th January 2017 

Present: Rachel Lytollis (RL), Ms Tumblety, Jackie Wake, Emma Hughes (EH), Karen Borthwick, Lisa McCarthy, Jen Adams, Rachel , Sam Mitchell, Lizzie Booden (LB), Vicky Wallace (VW). Apologies: Helen Morris, Annette Wilson 

1. Headteacher Update

  • Staffing : C Welander, L Smith and J Sandeman have returned to school Mrs R finishes on 10/2 2 new PSA have been appointed for 19 hrs and 16 hrs respectively. 
  • Infant playground : Money N Langhorn secured has been spent (Gus Egan used it for planters in the infant playground). There is still a freeze on playground spending the money is still there for future. P1 & P2 are allowed in the woodland but not to climb trees so all the playground is used.  All PSAs are out to supervise play time. 
  • School website : LB’s husband is working on this. Hoping some of it will be ready for next Wednesday.
  • School dinners : not many muddles, there has been some improvement in quality. Still an issue with transport and which then effects the quality of the meals 
  • RL presented National Improvement Framework (NIF) handout. NIF priorities – closing the gap, literacy, numeracy, HWB, employability and positive destinations. School Improvement Plan in line with NIF – STEM family learning, restorative approaches and building resilience, developing employability and careers education. Parentzone website shows generally banded results for P1, 4, and 7 based on standardised assessments and teacher judgment. Possible to only look at one school at a time. Care needs to be taken with sharing this information as it needs to be put in to context. RL would like to know how best to share all this information with parents.
  • RL to raise issue of opening kitchen in Ratho with Debbie Brown (Facilities Manager) before approaching asset management. 
  • RSV members to look at leaflet and feedback to EH before next RSV meeting 
  • Let EH know if you wish to be involved in this group 

2. RSV Update

  • Christmas fair (VW) – raised £2700. Secret room was loved. VW will not lead next year’s fair. VW has listed a number of things to note to help for next year, eg setting a flat rate for external stalls
  • Summer fair – keep this simple Scouts might do games
  • Family photos (LB) - on 4/2/17. 23 families booked C Dixon has done a lot of work scheduling families. LB wants confirmation of venue.
  • Need to put this in the diary now 
  • See EH if you wish to help with Summer fair 
  • Another pair of hands on the day would be helpful  

3. Next Meeting

  • Tuesday 28/2/17