October 2015


Minutes of meeting on Tuesday 27 October 2015 at 7pm 

Present: Neil Langhorn, Anna Hazel, Rachel Lytollis, Jennifer Sandeman, Lisa McCarthy, Jackie Wake, Emma Hughes, Gillian Fraser, Vicki Wallace, Michel Gebre, Ruth Gillan, Louise Lloyd, Leanne Horsburgh, Debby Smith, Claire Baker, Karen Borthwick, Morag MacLachlan and Claire Cooper.

Apologies: Melanie McAllan, Sam Mitchell, Stacey O’flaherty, Morag Dalton, Christina Enever, Annette Wilson, Kirsty Mann, Sarah Chisnall, Jen Rogers, Lizzie Booden, Helen Morris and Donna Dack

1. Opening remarks

Neil welcomed Rachel to Ratho Primary and thanked Anna on behalf of all the parents and carers at Ratho for the time and enthusiasm she has given to Ratho PS. She had given a great deal to the school and would be missed.

2. Christmas Fair Update

Vicki shared a summary of what is planned, including minutes from the last Xmas Fair planning meeting.  A communications plan is also in place, including flyer distribution throughout village.  
Suggestion: Miss Sandeman suggested that P7 / P6 children could assist with flyers distribution if enough adult supervision available.
Next steps – need to pin down volunteers for either a block of time on the day or preparations beforehand.  

3. Head Teacher Update - Anna

Online school dinner ordering system trial
Claire Cooper (Morven’s mum, P2) shared information on new electronic lunch ordering system for P1-P3.  It uses Google forms (so it’s free).  Deadline is still Thurs 12noon and it’s still week-by-week ordering.  The aim is to only show one form at a time, to help get the correct lunches ordered for the week ahead.  Menu is included on the screen (so you don’t have to reference anything else).  If you order too late, or too many times, you get a wee polite message.  Please give it a go. It’s not live yet and all feedback is appreciated.  
Action: ALL RSV to test out new form at http://goo.gl/forms/xld36vo1D6 and email feedback or questions to Claire at thecoop@mail.com 

Snagging list on new build
Anna shared brief update on snagging.  Couple of areas requiring investigation:
  • Porch/covered waiting area on main building
  • Where do outdoor shoes and coats go e.g. on bad weather days?
  • Budget for ground redevelopment and clarity on what is expected from contractor in terms of putting things back like they were
It was expected that snagging on the building would be completed by Christmas
Action: Anna to contact Council to clarify porch and budget for grounds redevelopment

Staff update including Principal Teacher and School Administrator roles.
The following contracts have been extended till the end of term:
  • Acting Principal position – Lynne Smith
  • P4 – Rosemary Fleming
  • P3-P7, food for life – Gillian Brown 
Recruitment will begin this term to have a new Principal and new P4 teacher in place for January. This may be the same person or not.  The format of the role(s) will be decided soon. 

School administrator - Clare Dixon has been appointed.  She is currently doing the role in another school, but was looking for something closer to home.  Start date is being negotiated, but looking at end of Nov latest.

Also interviewing for school support assistant.

  • P1a - Mrs Campbell was confirmed as the successful candidate. At parents’ evenings, all job share teachers will be present both nights.
  • P2 – Mrs Marshall is coming back on Thursday – discussion to take place to see if she wants to come straight back in to parents’ nights or delay.  Parents would prefer to delay and give her time to bed in.  Note all supply teachers do feedback on their lessons also.

Parent leaflet re School Improvement Plan
40 page school improvement plan is available on the school website. However, a summary has been created and will come out on Friday.

  • Set up a school post-box to just hand things in, rather than having to disturb office staff or depend on the Bermuda triangle schoolbag post…
  • Key dates calendar – can this go onto the website (not all parents received this)?
  • New Report Cards – it was agreed that, at a later stage, we should canvass views on this as it’s a new system
Action: discussion on new reporting format to be scheduled for a future meeting

4. New Head Teacher intro

Rachel has been working closely with Anna on transition.  Rachel shared her background and enthusiasm for her new role at Ratho PS.

5. Class reps

Our constitution states we are supposed to have representation from each year. Rachel is supportive of initiative and has seen it work well in her previous school. Happy for reps to approach either her or their class teacher directly. There was a brief discussion on what is and is not included in the role.  Further thought is required on how we communicate our class rep role to the wider school. Some reps will want to communicate with their year group in different ways. 

Class reps are:
  • P7 - Helen Morris
  • P6 - Christina Enever
  • P5 - Louise Lloyd
  • P4 – Karen Borthwick
  • P3 - Jackie Wake and Mel McAllan
  • P2 - Leanne Horsburgh & Claire Baker
  • P1 - Emma Hughes and Jackie Wake
  • Nursery - Sam Mitchell and Catherine Shaw

  • Jackie to pass contact details for reps to Neil and Anna/Rachel
  • Jackie/Emma to follow up with Neil on communication plan about the class rep role
  • Neil/Emma/Jackie to liase with class reps about how they want to communicate with their year group

6. Book Week Café Update

Jennifer Sandeman (P7 teacher) shared a brief update.
P7 will have responsibility of running café this year, which will have a French theme. Looking for volunteers and times available Wed 11th & Thurs 12th to supervise P7 baking.  Claire Baker & Sarah Dunlop volunteered. Volunteers also needed to man hot water on the night – Neil organising.
P6 are organising the book swap.
The event will also showcase what kids have been learning through the week.

  • Jennifer to email Neil with list of jobs that help is needed with
  • Neil coming back with details of volunteers

7. School Cinema Nights

Neil pitched for an volunteer to do initial research on what we need to get started.  Emma volunteered.
Suggestion: There is a community cinema at Balerno in church hall. Can we find contact there?
Decisions: Emma lead/owner for initial investigation.

8. Calendars, Tea Towels, Magnets & Keyrings

Update from Jackie on behalf of Helen…
The team – Helen, Aongus, Clair B are joined by Jackie, Emma & Gillian.
  • Calendar can be viewed, proofed, paid for and pre-ordered on Book Night.
  • Delivery early December, via school bags.
  • Costs – Calendar & Tea towel £4 each, Magnets & keyrings £1 each.
  • We have one month available for sponsorship at the moment, although we have one interested party.
Suggestions: Selling mugs with image? Making image available to parents so they can order any additional item they want?
Running competition to design calendar front cover during book week.  Competition closes end of play book night, when winner is chosen.

  • Jackie to pass feedback to Helen for her thoughts.
  • Jackie/Helen to provide paragraph for Friday note (week Fri 6/11) to announce calendar cover competition.

9. Ratho School Lottery Update

Jackie shared brief progress update…
  • Proposal was put forward to Anna who approved in principle
  • Cheque and registration form are with council, and we have received police clearance
  • Once we get licence, we can discuss communication plan with Rachel
Suggestion: Juniper Green have a charitable status, so each time parents give they can gift aid it and the school gets an extra 25%.
  • Neil/Anna to find contact at Juniper Green to get more information on school or RSV having charitable status. 

10. Fundraising aims/priorities for the year

Neil reported that there had been requests for Funds for new, wooden Nursery furniture & school grounds/playground).
Neil advised RSV has received a number of requests for funds including nursery furniture & school grounds/playground. RSV members were keen to help with both in principle but we need to flag this as something to come back to once we establish how much we have in the account, any existing commitments as well as potential earnings from fair and throughout the year.
If there are any other fundraising ideas or grant schemes anyone knows of, please let Neil know.
Neil also confirmed that we are also in the process of transferring the PC and PTA RBS accounts to a new RSV account at BoS.

  • Neil/Annette to clarify financial position and projected income over year and schedule for discussion at future meeting.
  • Neil to discuss with Anna/Rachel how funds for commitments made by RSV at the previous meeting would be drawn down.

11. Village Christmas Tree

Neil provided a brief summary of ‘the Village Christmas Tree’.  Electricity supply to be installed outside the village shop.  Cherry picker & electrician supplied by Cala.  Christmas lights supplied by RSV.  Going to use existing trees outside shop.  No date agreed as yet. All agreed that is was great that the Community Council had agreed to take the lead on this after the Parent Council had made the case in previous years. 

12. RSV Logo Competition

The flyer didn’t go out, so not all kids knew about the competition and we have only 3 entries so far.  
Suggestion: Could kids create logo during school time or golden time?  This would be at the discretion of each teacher.
Decisions: Extend deadline.  

  • Emma to write something for this Friday note (30/10) to extend deadline and re-advertise RSV logo competition.

13. Constitution

Neil noted that we still needed to formally agree the new constitution for the RSV. We had a draft constitution and he would aim to get comments and suggestions on this via correspondence with the aim of getting it finalised. He would then speak to the PC/PTA post-holders to agree the best way to go about getting this formally approved.

14. Bank account & Treasurer update

The bank accounts of former PTC and PTA will merge. Annette is in the process of setting up a new account. Until this happens all monies will still go into PTA or PC account (e.g. for calendar orders)

15. AOB

Any emails to Rachel to go to admin account at the moment until her Ratho email is set up.