September 2015



Minutes of meeting on Tuesday 15 September 2015 at 7pm 

Present: Neil Langhorn (“NL”), Anna Hazel (“AH”), Lesley Humphries (“LH”), Jackie Wake (“JW”), Emma Hughes (“EH”), Sarah Chisnall (“SC”), Gillian Fraser (“GF”), Vicky Wallace (“VW”), Jen Rogers (“JR”), Lizzie Booden (“LB”), Donna Dack (“DD”), Sean (from RAG).
Apologies: Lisa McCarthy, Melanie McAllan, Sam Mitchell, Stacey O’Flaherty, Morag Dalton, Karen Borthwick, Christina Enever, Annette Wilson, Kirsty Mann

1. Funday update

Well done to all who contributed; we made approximately £650 profit.

2. Ratho Action Group (RAG) update

Sean advised that the RAG are currently generating ideas for fundraising events.  Anna advised RAG may try to raise awareness of different charities each month and from there choose which ones to raise funds for. Sean also mentioned that the RAG had discussed whether to have a school sports cup and a “camp-out” in the woods at the end of the school year. Neil extended an offer of help / support from RSV to RAG.  

3. Class reps

Emma circulated a draft of what Class Rep role could entail and gave a brief summary.
  • EH to draft something for the school newsletter to let parents know and to begin to gather more reps.

4. RSV new logo

Neil circulated draft flyer for RSV logo competition. 
DecisionsCompetition to be launched at an assembly and promoted by teachers. Flyer to go out in school and time to be made available for logo to be created in class. House points for winner agreed. Discussion about what other prize might be suitable. T-shirts with new logo to be printed for use at events by RSV members.

  • EH to tweak wording of flyer to appeal more to kids.
  • AH to ask RAG what they think would be a suitable prize.

5. School priorities

Anna circulated a list of school priorities, and gave a comprehensive summary of where parents’ support is most needed this year.
DecisionsRSV to fund variety of the items mentioned (see below) and to fund raise for others throughout year. RSV members and class reps also to encourage parents & carers to contribute to variety of initiatives, events and meetings.

  • AH to look into alternative (cheaper) transport options e.g. Clifton Hall buses.

6. Spending

Sarah updated the group on where some previous fundraising has been spent.
Some funds are available now to spend on some of the priorities identified by the school, however some of these figures needs to be firmed up.

  • RSV agreed to ring-fence the £319 in the “garden account” for ongoing maintenance/upgrading costs and to set aside approximately £600 from the old Parent Council account to fund RSV costs throughout the upcoming year. 
  • RSV then committed to provide funds for the following immediately:
Item                                                                                                         Amount
Books for P1 & P2                                                                                 £200
Curricular transport Budget (£100 per class)                                                 £1,000
Specialist Resources for Creativity Suite                                                 £250
Playground, Bike Shelter and Woodland Signs                                         Up to £150 (final prices to be confirmed)
Projector Service Care Gold Contract                                                         £695
Audio System for school hall                                                                 £1,474
Funds for class teachers to purchase materials for their class (£100 x10) £1,000

Total:                                                                                                 £4,769

In addition, RSV committed to:
  • Set aside £500 for a “hardship fund” to enable all children to participate in trips/activities throughout the year if families cannot afford these.
  • Set aside funds to subsidise the costs of all children attending a panto. In 2014-15 the PTA contributed £1,000. AH to confirm cost to parents of the trip this year and requested contribution from RSV. It was agreed that parents would be asked to contribute more if they were able to (e.g. if the cost was £8 per child it was thought that some people would happily contribute £10) in order to limit the contribution required from RSV. 
  • Provide funding for a nursery Christmas party as pre-school children do not attend the panto. In 2014-15 the PTA provided £150 for this. AH to confirm final cost and requested contribution from RSV.
  • Start organising “film nights” in the school hall, using the new projector and screen. Any funds raised at these events would be ring-fenced to contribute to the costs of the projector.  Volunteer(s) to be identified to look into setting up film nights.

  • AH to pass specific requests for contributions from RSV funds for these items to RSV treasurer/chair.
  • AH to confirm final cost and requested contribution from RSV for school panto trip and nursery Christmas party.
  • Chairman/Treasurer to liaise with SC over list of recurring expenses.
  • Treasurer to provide update on finance taking these commitments into account at next meeting.

7. Christmas fair on 5th December

Sarah says she will co-ordinate if someone would shadow her.
DecisionsLizzie & Vicki volunteered to work with Sarah on the Christmas Fair and possibly divide into sub-groups.
  • ALL: Ask kids what they want to see at Christmas fair. Looking for ideas first – volunteers later. 
  • JW & EH to discuss Christmas fair with class reps, where possible.

8. Calendar fundraiser or similar

Do people still want a calendar? Mrs Humphries does
DecisionsJackie to be part of the team working on this and provided update at next meeting.  I.e. find out what people want.  Speak to Helen and Aongus who are already working on this.

9. 50/50 club / school lottery

Jackie volunteered to take this on.  She is currently looking into licensing and will then follow up with the school.
DecisionsJW to own this and provide update at next meeting.

10. Other fundraising events

Owners need to be identified to enable other events to continue. It was agreed that just because something had happened before it needn’t necessarily continue – e.g. we would consider further whether to host the Race Night and Family Ceilidh this year
Whilst not a significant fundraiser RSV agreed to help organise the book night café and book swap.
A new event – dog/pet show could be popular, but management overheads and practicalities may make it unworkable.

  • ALL: Ask parents/kids what types of fundraisers they want to see and be part of. 
  • NL to liaise with AH about arrangements for the book night café and to report back at next meeting
  • JW & EH to seek comments and ideas from class reps, where possible.

11. Treasurer update

The old Parent Council bank account is to be moved from RBS to Bank of Scotland due to ongoing problems with the management of the RBS account.
The old PTA account is to be closed and the funds paid into the new RSV account.

12. Head Teacher Recruitment and AOCB

Applications have been received and our questions are being finalised.
Recruitment for the par-time P1 role interviews on Friday.  
Erica in the school office has handed in her notice and leaves at the beginning of October.  The recruitment process for a replacement has already started.
There will be more homework events, following positive feedback from the P2 event.  There will be a P1 event and a general rest of school event.
Active schools, after school clubs have been delayed due to staff shortages.  A final list of clubs should be available shortly.